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At Master's Touch Salon educating our clients about how to care for their hair is highly important and necessary. We don't just do hair, but we educate, empower and encourage clients to be their best authentic self. Most times, clients deal with their hair more than a stylist does and having correct information and products are essential. In order to support growth and healthiness of hair we use professional hair care products. Clients now have the opportunity to purchase the same products that we have access to in order to continue caring for their hair once they leave the salon. We are extremely excited to announce that as of October we will be retailing hair care products at the salon. DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

We will be retailing Mizani and Hairadox products. Master's Touch endorses these products as they support health and growth of the hair.

Get your hair done and products that ensure that your hair care needs are met even at home

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