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Supporting Healthy Hair for Women in Bloomington IL.


Be authentic every day!


A new sew-in or a new haircut can give you a new perspective of yourself, letting you visualize your beauty, confidence, and potential for your own needs. We want to empower your confidence in your style. Visit our scheduling page at Vagaro to book masterful quality hair care and greatness when you walk out.

We empower women everywhere!

Master’s Touch Salon hosts an annual event “Glamour Girl” Empowerment Seminar. Young ladies between the ages of 10-18 attend a seminar, interact with other youth, and hear powerful speakers that plant seeds and transform their lives.  Young women often struggle with having a healthy self-esteem that causes them to seek for love, self-worth, and attention for all the wrong reasons from all the wrong places. A lack of love for oneself can increase the likelihood of making poor choices.  Healthy self-esteem empowers and equips people to live healthy lives and fosters confidence. During each seminar we focus on the following: healthy relationships, self-image, confidence, education, health, finances, and career. Stay tuned for more information.

About the owner:

Master’s Touch Salon is the home of licensed cosmetologist Authrine T.K. Singleton and her team since 2009. She has always believed in healthy hair care and natural hair, and wants her clients in Bloomington, IL to know the science behind healthy locks. When you feed your spirit and self-confidence you are also feeding your body to produce wonderful locks naturally. Master's Touch Salon wants to enhance your glow with products and services that boost your confidence.

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