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Protect what's underneath!!

Today I want to talk about protective hairstyles. There are various reasons why someone would choose to rock a protective style. For instance, convenience, wanting to grow the hair or wanting to protect the ends of the hair from the harshness of cold or hot weather. The important thing to remember with protective styles is if you are not taking care of the hair underneath, it is no longer a protective style but a style that is going to cause future problems to your hair.

Protective styles should allow for you to still moisturize and lubricate your hair. This is not time to neglect your hair. The convenience of a protective style allows for less time of maintenence but the hair should not be forgotten. Please note hair should not be covered (ie. braid extensions, weaves) 12 months out of the year. Hair is attached to scalp that needs to breathe.

I like to use the analogy of a wound that is covered up. A few months ago, I injured my finger. The doctor told me to keep my finger covered for a few days and then to keep the finger uncovered so the air could get to it and began to heal the finger. Keeping the hair covered and going extended periods of times with the style is not healthy for the hair. It does not provide opportunity for the hair to be manipulated. Nor does it allow for the scalp to be properly cleansed.

Don't get me wrong, I love protective styles only when the hair stays healthy. A protective style is no longer appropriate if the hair is becoming dry, brittle or broken. So please protect what's underneath.

On a side but most important note. Had to do natural first, now spiritual. Make sure you protect what's on the inside. Your heart and your mind may go unotticed to people, but God sees and knows. Let's not cover up but allow God to uncover and heal our hearts and our minds. Allow the word of God to penetrate and sanctify us so we can be all God has called us to be.

Until next time, protect what's underneath

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