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Getting the tangles out!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today I want to talk to you about how to properly detangle hair, especially highly textured hair. Many times there is a mighty struggle when it comes to detangling hair. Do not get me wrong, I work with a lot of clients that have "mega" hair; hair for days lol, so I totally understand. But, I love it and encourage you to love your hair as well. Before getting started, make sure that you have the proper tools.

  1. Conditioner(you can purchase inexpensive conditioner)

  2. Wide tooth detangling comb

  3. Alligator Clips

4. Patience (lol)

Saturate the hair with an ample amount of conditioner and massage it throughout the hair. Section the hair off into at least four sections. Began combing the hair from the ends of the hair to the root with the wide tooth/detangling comb. Once the hair combs through with ease and no tangles, hair is ready for shampooing. Remember hair should not be detangled dry; hair should have some liquid or cream on the hair.

Stay tuned for the video on how to detangle hair.


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